PMPL South Asia 2020 Week 1 Day 4 Results

The First week of PMPL South Asia ended with a boom. Lots of amazing moments and Op performances from many team players have created a great impression on audiences. Yesterday’s matches were intense, filled with lots of actions and grenades.

GODLike performed their best, dominating every team in battleground. Smokie’s gameplay was brilliant and outstanding. If you haven’t watched the highlights, Please do!


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Lets have a look at point table:

GodLike tops the chart with 155 points and 3 chicken dinners, securing 99 kills in their pocket. TSM Entity failed to maintain their rhythm and drop at #3 with 108 points followed by Team SynerGE on #4(they were on #2 after Day3 results).

Orange Rock as usual were consistent in the tournament, securing the second position below Godlike with 4 chicken dinner and 150 points.

TSM Entity, SynerGE, IND, and U Mumba Esports they did well and stands among the top teams in PMPL throughout the First week.

Team Soul has improved a bit climbing on 9th position with 14 kills and one chicken dinner yesterday. However, Fnatic haven’t delivered the performance people were expecting and still stands in 8th position. Stay Tuned.

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