PMPL South Asia 2020 Week 3 Day 3 Results

As expected, there are not much changes in the standings. Every team’s successfully holding their same positions. Orange Rock has proved themselves and stands on #1 with highest number of chicken dinner 10.

OR also becomes the first team in PMPL to cross over 600 points on the table. The total points of Orange Rock is 601. TSM Entity is trying their best to snatch the Top position from OR and fight still continues. Despite this, both the teams are the best two teams of PUBG Mobile in India. They have proved it throughout the tournament.

As we go down, SynerGE stands on #3 with total 567 points on the table and 5 chicken dinner. Godlike is performing so well in tournaments. It’s going to be tough for SYnerGE to defend their position. Let’s see what happens.

Godlike performed beautifully in PMPL 2020, scored 555 points with 8 chicken dinner. We have the top two best teams already OR and TSM Entity. The team to conquer the third position is most likely be GODlike or SYnerGE.

The final match of PUBG Mobile South Asia 2020 of Week 3 ends tonight. Soon we will have a clear view at the top teams.

Fnatic and Team soul haven’t improved their performance from last matches. If this continues like this, it’ll be difficult for Team Soul to secure their positions among top5 0r 6. We all want Soul to see among top teams.

Fnatic is close to #5 but Magastars have a firm hold. But it isn’t impossible for Fnatic, they have proved themselves during such a situation many times.

Only Top 5 Teams from PMPL 2020 will make for PUBG Mobile World League. Catch the last day of PMPL South Asia Week 3 on PUBG Mobile Official YouTube channel.

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