PMPL South Asia Day 1 Finals Result

PMPL South Asia Finals are close to an end. We’ll soon enter Pubg mobile World League with our Top 7 best Indian PUBGM teams. PMPL Day 1 finals ended beautifully with every team trying their best. It was fun to watch last match full of chaos, confusion and bit funny as well.

Total 16 Teams are competing against each other in PMPL South Asia Finals and only Top3 from finals will make it to PMWL. Only 3 slots are remaining now with a total prize pool of $138.500. Any Guess, who will take it?

Orange Rock as usual performed well on Yesterday’s Match. But Team Celtz surprised us with their performances yesterday. It was great to watch the entire team securing the top position. Orange Roc manage to 2 Chicken dinner but still stands on #2 after Day 1 finals. OR received a drawback in the 3rd match that lead to drop them on 2nd position.

Celtz stands on #1 with 71 points and 27 kills. They played well in all the 5matches holding their position among Top 5 teams in every match.

Marcos Gaming ended on 4th place with 60 points and 28 kills.  UMumba is also maintaining their hold strong among Top 5 teams. Team Soul is having a rough time and stands on #13. It’s going to be very difficult for them if they didn’t perform in remaining 2 days.

Team Fnatic played well and stands on #6 with. Scout didn’t play yesterday, still Fnatic is doing better. It’s good to watch them progressing they’re close to qualification.

OR, Godlike and TSM Entity already have qualified so their position doesn’t really matter in Finals. Rest of teams have to concentrate to get their hands on the big trophy. The Day 2 will resume from this evening at 6.30 PM. Hope the best qualifies.

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