PMPL South Asia Day 2 Finals: TSM Entity Roars Back !

The Second day Finals of PMPL South Asia 2020 was stunning, TSM Entity proved themselves again why they stand out from other PUBG mobile Teams. Although they have already qualified, they aren’t holding back. On the first day TSM Entity were nowhere near top positions. TSM entity is unstoppable; they ruled Vikendi, striking a hatrick, scored final chicken dinner on Saturday. This team never fails to amaze us.

Celtz are doing exceptionally good continuing with aggressive form in Second Day finals as well. The leaders of the team must be thrilled by their performances in these two days on Saturday.

TSM Entity stands on top with a total point of  176 and 83 kills. Celtz has decided and will surely take the slot for PMWL; scored 126 points with 1 chicken dinner. How can we miss Megastar they secured #3 on a table with 121 points(5 less than Celtz) and registered 1 chicken dinner by total 46 kills.

GodLike, Orange Rocks and SynerGE already being qualified; stands along the top teams, proves why they are the best. These three team ended on 4th,  6th and 7th positions respectively after second day finals.

Team Fnatic drops downs to 1oth rank and have to fight along with Team IND. Megastars and Celtz for Top 3 slots to PMWL. Today’s match will decide who’s going to qualify for PMWL representing India.

Team Soul is nowhere seen among top team though they performed good and managed to wipe out TSM Entity on 2nd day finals. It’s almost impossible for Team Soul to take the slots from remaining contenders. What do you think?

Only top 3 teams form PMPL South Asia 2020 Fianls will qualify for World League stage. Rest 4 slots have already been reserved by Orange Rock, TSM ENTITY, GodLike and SynerGE.

Who do you think will make it on Top 3?

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