PS5 Controller is Compatible with Steam Now

PS5 DualSense Controller is now compatible with Steam, Thanks to steam Input API.

With the launch of next-gen console PS5, Sony also released a redesigned controller with additional features, excellent design, better ergonomics and many more. PS5 users are having a great time enjoying PS5 games with new dual sense controller. Wouldn’t it be fun to use it for PC games as well? Thanks to steam Input API, PS5 DualSense Controller is now compatible with Steam.

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Recently, Valve officially announced the PS5 controller support for Steam. This means games with controller support input will be compatible with Dualsense controller. However, PS5 Dualsense is specifically designed for console and PC games might miss on some of the features. But, you can still enjoy the game with controllers, missing out on certain feature like DualSense’s adaptive triggers that offer excellent results.

Steam has been rolling out updates for controller support since last few weeks. According to the latest update of the Steam client for PC, all games that use the Steam Input API can now use the PS5 DualSense with full compatibility. It is also compatible with advance features like the LED, touch panel, vibration and gyroscope functions. 

Steam also supports many other controllers like the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and the PS4’s DualShock 4.

According to Valve“In the past two years, the number of daily average users playing a Steam game with a controller has more than doubled, with millions enjoying the growing catalog of controller-friendly titles everyday. In controller friendly games, the percentage of players for that game that use a controller can easily be 60% or higher.” 

You can easily connect the controller via Bluetooth or with a USB-C cable. The Controller support feature is currently limited to the beta client, we might get the announcement of future release soon.

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