PUBG Clan System On PC Soon

Tencent’s Player unknown battleground is one of the best battle royal games among Call of Duty and Fortnite. PUBG latest update rolled out recently but we may get to see clan system of mobile in PC too.

Dataminers are known for accurate PUBG leaks in community has confirmed that PUBG clan system is arriving to PC soon.According to PlayerIGN on twitter we can have almost 20 players in a clan and would cost upto 5000BP, with clan names running between 2 and 15 characters and shorter tags running between 2 and 4 characters .

Players can submit their stats to prove themselves they are eligible to join the clan. PlayerIGN has suggested that the clan system could be a part of the game’s new ranked mode. PUBG Mobile already introduced us to clan system last year and its a year since, PUBG PC haven’t received this update.

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