PUBG Corp Merges with Krafton INC as PUBG Studio | Merge in effect from Today

On 29th October, PUBG Corporation announced the merger with Krafton INC. The Merger of PUBG Corporation – Krafton INC comes into effect from today. South Korean game developer PUBG Corporation fully merges with Krafton INC to form a single company as PUBG Studio. PUBG Studio will solely focus on the development of PUBG Corp and provide global support for PUBG Mobile versions.

The merger has come into effect now as P{UBG Studio and they hold the intellectual property rights of ‘PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS’. With this, the studio will focus on expanding the development of PUBG in several fields and Esports. 

The Notice reads, “Accordingly, personal information of PUBG users will be transferred to KRAFTON Inc. KRAFTON Inc. will retain and use personal information only within the same scope as before and within the scope of obligations under related laws. Your valuable personal information is securely protected by technical and administrative safeguards (protection measures).”

KRAFTON’s independent studio consists of three studios including Striking Distance Studios, Bluehole Studio, and RisingWings. Striking Studio is focusing on a new game with an original narrative that utilizes the original worldview of ‘PUBG.’ RisingWings is responsible for launching new games in strategic, arcade and sports category.

This is major good news for fans, as PUBG Studio team can work autonomously to create and support the development of unique games and PUBG Mobile versions.

With the merger, the company clearly established itself as a non-Chinese company which has no link to Tencent or any other sources at all. This might affect the relaunch of PUBG Mobile India and we may get to see the Indian version soon.

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