PUBG Lite: Vikendi Map Coming Soon

PUBG Mobile brought us the Lite version similar to original PUBG Mobile for low-end devices , so that player can enjoy. PUBG Lite allow players to play PUBG with smooth gameplay experience.

PUBG Lite version released laste year and is one of most downloaded gaes on Playstore. Currently lite players can only play 3 maps Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. PUBG Lite got lots of updates including ledge grab,flare gun since its release.

Vikendi was the first snow map to step in PUBG Mobile game allowing players to enjoy game in snow environment. Vikendi Came with many updates like snow bike,MP5K with a size of 6×6 km is finally coming to PUBG Lite now.Along with Vikendi’s release on Lite version PUBG also released new event with many rewards.

The game is free to play on low-end android and iOS devices(also available on PC).Finally Lite players can enjoy PUBG’s snow map in game.

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