PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Release Date REVEALED

PUBG Mobile upcoming 0.19.0 update is already hyped up by players since the beta release. New 0.19.0 update is going to bring a lot new exciting features in PUBG Mobile. The month end is here and we are almost near the release of new PUBGM update.

The officials finally unveiled the release date of most anticipated PUBG Mobile update. New 0.19.0 update is scheduled to go live on 7th July 2020. PUBG Mobile brings us many new features, new improvement in the game including a new map, a new Royale Pass, a new game mode and more. So, the release date is finally out now and we have to just wait until the release. Let’s have a look at what’s coming in 0.19.0 update.

New map (Livik)

Livik is the new PUBG Mobiile map exclusively designed by combining all the 4 classic maps; Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok on PUBG Mobile. It’s the shortest map in PUBG Mobile and has many interesting features  like New Monster Truck,  a waterfall, 2 new weapons, and Weapon Crates. The size of the map is 2×2 km.

Library TDM Map

The PUBG mobile is adding new TDM map in next update. New Library Map will be the third TDM map. It has been already released in the Chinese version of the game and finally will hit global servers in next 0.19.0 update. The gameplay in it is similar to other TDM maps. First team to score 40 points wins the game.

New Ancient Mode

New 0.19.0 update will have a new mode called the ‘Ancient Secret Mode’ on Miramar that carries Mummy Bosses and puzzles. Once you enter the mode you have to play through 3 big pyramids marked on the map, floating in the air. Solve puzzles and fight mummy boss to earn loot from treasure chests .

Season 14 Royale Pass

PUBG Mobile Season 14 has an ancient Greek theme called ‘Spark The Flame’. As usual new Season 14 Royale Pass brings us exciting new items, skins, emotes and outfits to enjoy during game. Season 14 Royale Pass will went live few day later after the release of 0.19.0 update.

Are you excited for New PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update?


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