PUBG Mobile: 3 Deadliest Assault Rifles That Won’t Disappoint

PUBG Mobile is one of the most played game on mobile devices. Over the years the numbers of PUBG players have been greatly increased and still counting. It has an enormous player base across the world. Everyday millions of players connect on PUBGM global server to battle against each other. PUBGM offers various weapons in-game including snipers, Assault Rifle, shotguns and pistols.

We all have a favourtite set of weapons in PUBG mobile. But, there are only few that we trust and which rarely disappoints us. In this article, we’ll talk about such Deadliest Assault rifles in game which won’t disappoint us during the match.


Groza is the king of assault rifles in PUBG Mobile. It’s a rare air-drop gun that loads 7.62 mm bullets with a one of highest firing rate beside M416. However, it only comes with a scope and magazine slot, and a unique muzzle slot that can only equip a suppressor.

Groza deals a damage of 47 now, in the latest version the damage rate is lowered by 2. Groza has a flaws too .i.e. its reload time of 3 seconds apart from this..its an amazing gun to carry in PUBG Mobile. As always Groza still sits on Top


  • Ammo: 5.56mm
  • Damage: 41
  • Rate of fire: 0.0857s
  • Reload duration: 2.10s

M416 favorite of many never fails to amaze us with its excellent performance and has one of highest firing rate. M416 allows a great amount of flexibility and it’s beast with proper attachments. The gun loads 5.56mm bullets and offers a damage rate of 41. M416 rocks in TDM match by wiping out enemies at incredible rate.

Whether it’s stats of this gun or performance, M416 exceeds every other Assault Rifle in the game. And in close combats the higher firing rate, with proper attachments, can save you from death. M416 is the most liked assault rifles of PUBG Mobile.


  • Ammo: 7.62mm
  • Damage: 47
  • Rate of fire: 0.100s
  • Reload duration: 2.90s

AKM is the brutal AR in PUBG mobile. Uses the 7.6mm of bullets and deals higher damage than every gun. It is considered as most powerful rifles in the game. AKM’s destructive power can never be doubted in close combat.

AKM can destroy your enemy in a single headshot. It deals the damage same as Groza. One needs a great recoil control skill to handle this gun. Its most useful gun in close-combat.

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