PUBG Mobile: 5 Deadliest Close Combat Weapon

PUBG Mobile is one of the best Battle Royale games on Android and iOS devices. As we all know, PUBGM weapons are another reason for title’s larger player base. There’re all kinds of weapons available in the game from long-range to short-rang. ARs, Snipers, Shotguns and Pistols, various options to select from.

When it comes to close combat in PUBG mobile, it’s every player’s concern. You need to be skilled to survive 1v1, 1v3 or 1v 4 in close combats. However, skills aren’t only enough to save you from close fight. Proper Weapons with best skills is the Deadliest combination in Close-combat and players can survive many combats in PUBG Mobile.

Another point is – You should be aware of your skills and knowledge in game. So, what are the five Deadliest close combat weapons in PUBG mobile? Let’s have a look.

5 Deadliest Close Combat Weapon


UZI is the beast in close combat. UZI has the full-auto firing mode and highest firing rate gives you an upper hand in close combat. It loads 9mm of bullets and has better stability, less recoil with higher damage that wipe out few members of squad.


We all know about Groza, Groza is the king of all Assault Rifles in PUBG Mobile. Groza can be the most destructive weapon in close combat with proper attachment. It can load deadly 7.6mm of bullets. When we are in close combat, with proper skills Groza will never disappoint us.


SK12 is the badass among Shotgun and delivers a fatal blow in close-combat. This gun uses 12-gauge ammo and gives you one-shot kill advantage over enemy. P.S-I am not good with shotguns.


M416 has proven itself in various fights in PUBG Mobile. Whether it’s stats of this gun or performance, M416 exceeds every other Assault Rifle in game. And in close combats the higher firing rate, with proper attachments can save you from death.


AKM is the brutal AR in PUBG mobile. Uses the 7.6mm of bullets and deals higher damage than every gun. It is considered as most powerful rifles in the game. AKM’s destructive power can never be doubted in close combat.

What are your favourite close-combat weapon?

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