PUBG Mobile All 6 Version We Know About

PUBG Mobile has created a benchmark being one of the most popular & played mobile game globally. PUBG Mobile is one of the popular Battle Royale game and has evolved a lot since its release. This battle royale game has become a phenomenon with an enormous player base globally. With millions of player base PUBG mobile triumph as the best game on Android/iOS devices. 

PUBG mobile dominated the gaming industry with an exceptional gaming experience. You all must’ve heard about the different pubg mobile versions, released for specific regions. 

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How many PUBG Mobile versions we have? PUBG Mobile have six different versions for different countries. In this article, we’ll have a look at all those PUBG mobile versions including an upcoming, highly anticipated PUBG Mobile India version.

PUBG Mobile All 6 Versions  

PUBG Mobile Global Version

The most popular worldwide PUBG Mobile Global version is first in the list. The global version is widely popular and released in many countries. It is the standard version of PUBG Mobile developed by PUBG Corp and owned by the Chinese company Tencent games (Reason for the ban of global version in India).

PUBG Mobile Chinese Version

PUBG Mobile Chinese Version aka Game for Peace. Game for Peace because the global version contains blood and gore. To protect the demise of PUBG Mobile Tencent changed the name of game to Game for Peace ensuring that the title met all the requirements set by the government.

PUBG Mobile KRJP Version

After PUBG Mobile global version, PUBG Mobile KRJP is the most popular one by PUBG Corp. The KRJP version is specifically published for Korea and Japan. The game features in-game exclusive rewards as well as cosmetics that can be purchased using currency named Donkatsu Medal.

PUBG Mobile Vietnamese Version

PUBG Mobile VN is a Vietnamese version published by VNG Game Publishing for their region. The game is similar to pubg mobile with UI in the Vietnamese language. 

PUBG Mobile Taiwanese Version

Similar to the Vietnam version, Taiwanese users have PUBG Mobile TW for their region specifically. The game is published by HotCool Games with the same elements to that of the global version.

PUBG Mobile Indian version (Upcoming)

As we all know, PUBG Mobile India version is yet to release. PUBG Corporation has snatched away the rights from Tencent games to meet the requirements of the Indian Government. The company has already announced the official PUBG Mobile Indian-specific version which is yet to release soon. It’s only a matter of time until the trailer release with which comes the launch date of the game in India.

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