PUBG Mobile: All About M249

PUBG Mobile has a variety of weapons ranging from pistols to Assault Rifles. Today we will discuss the Beast of all, the destroyer and one of the most powerful weapons in PUBG Mobile ‘M249.’ M249 is a Light Machine gun(LMG) also known as Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW). Expert in clearing rooms with high fire rate and destructive spray of 100 bullets.

Everything About M249

M249 has marked its own importance in-game. M249 is a Light machine gun that’s only available in air drops. Undoubtedly M249 is the most powerful weapon and beast, which can kill anything, from vehicles to armored enemies. With the capacity of 100 bullets per magazine, the guns’ incredibility is unmatchable. Players do not about to worry about reloading when you hold this weapon. Best in clearing an entire squad !

M249 load 100 bullets of 5.56mm with base damage of 45. However, it can deal higher damage than any other 5.56mm of gun because of higher firing rate and 100 bullets per magazine. This weapon can equip scope from the red dot to x6 in PUBG Mobile. Only attachment slots in M249 may sound like a disadvantage, but it never disappoints if you master it.

The gun comes with a bipod that enables us to prone and fire without worrying about the recoil of this weapon. Although M249 has low recoil but the high firing rate makes it more difficult to handle this weapon. M249 can deal maximum damage out to 75 meters, beyond that distance damage will begin to decrease, reaching its minimum value at 385 meters.

An only con about M249 is the long reload time, i.e. 7 seconds. M249 needs 7 seconds to reload 100 bullets back into the magazine. This may prove dangerous and sometimes might kill you, if you get stuck reloading during the combat. Ensure that you hide somewhere safe while reloading M249.

Do not completely depend on M249 to save you every time, keep a secondary AR with you so you can switch quickly in close combat if you run out of bullets or stuck reloading.

Players who prefer carrying a sniper along with M249 is not an awful choice but may turn out risky so choose the proper combo in PUBG mobile that suits your gameplay style.

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