PUBG Mobile AR Sanhok | M416 vs QBZ

PUBG Mobile has become the most popular game worldwide for Android and iOS devices. Weapons in PUBG Mobile are the primary reason, the game has so many players. From snipers, Shotguns, Assault rifles to Pistol these unique set of guns has attracted over millions of players in the game.

PUBG Mobile is primarily known for its excellent weapons in-game. M416 and QBZ are one of the good Assault rifles of PUBG Mobile. Both the guns are considered as fatal weapons in the game. When it comes to Assualt Rifles, every AR has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

In this article, we’ll compare two powerful Assault Rifles QBZ and M416. 

M416 vs QBZ


In terms of attachment, M416 has room for attachments like Scope, Mag, Stock, Muzzle and Foregrip. QBZ also requires the same set of attachments but it has no slot for Stock. More the slots, higher the stability of gun.


When it comes to power both weapons are very much helpful in close combat. M416 and QBZ have the same base damage of 43. Tie.

Reload Time:

Reload time of M416 without quickdraw mag is 2.100s. Higher reload time can prove troublesome in close fights in front of your enemies. With proper attachments, M416 reload times is 1.3s. QBZ has a drawback in reload time without Mag i.e. 3.66seconds.


Both the ARs use 5.6mm of bullets and hence have equal range. It’s also a draw here.

Firing Speed:

The Firing of M416 is slightly higher than Compare to QBZ. M416 is 2.76s while it’s 2.88s in QBZ which significantly affects the damage per second. M416 wins here.

Recoil Control:

More attachments slots, highly stable weapon in PUBG Mobile. Players can easily knock down targets because of the stability it provides. QBZ and M416 provide low recoil with proper attachment. However both the gun has substantial difference between them and m416 proves to be a much stable weapon.

QBZ and M416 are great weapons in PUBG Mobile if compared to others and both have great potential. However, M416 is much perfect with lower recoil. M416 takes the crown here.

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