PUBG Mobile: AUG vs AKM Which is Best AR?

PUBG Mobile has become the most popular game worldwide for Android and iOS devices. Weapons in PUBG Mobile are the primary reason, game has so many players. From snipers, Shotguns, Assault rifles to Pistol these unique set of guns has attracted over millions of players in game.

PUBG is all about weapons, and how better you use them. All player has their own style and choices of weapons and today we will talk about the two popular Assault Rifles in the game: AUG vs AKM.

As we all know, AKM & AUG are among the destructive ARs in PUBG. AUG is only available in the loot crates and is the most stable gun in PUBG Mobile.

Let’s see AKM vs AUG A3 Which is the best Assault Rifle?


AKM has only three attachment slots: muzzle, magazine, and the scope. AUG A3 has four attachment slots  muzzle, stock, scope and magazine. Here, in attachments AUG A3 with more slots dominate AKM. More the slots, higher the stability of gun.


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AKM use 7.62mm ammunition and possess significant destructive potential as compare to other Assault Rifles with Powers of 48 whereas AUG A3 has a power of and use 5.56mm ammo. AKM wins over AUG in power.

Reload Time:

AUG A3 has a major drawback in reload time without Mag i.e. 3seconds while AKM requires 2.8s to reload 30 bullets. AUG is relatively Slower than any ARs in PUBG Mobile. AKM takes the point here.


AKM uses 7.6mm of bullets that indirectly have a higher range than any other ARs using 5.6mm of bullets. AUG has a lower range compared to AKM 60>56.

Firing Speed:

In terms of firing speed AUG has an advantage over AKM with 63 while AKM has a firing rate of 61. AUG fires a bullet at higher speed, hence providing better support in combats. AUG takes the point over AKM here.

Recoil Control:

AUG has more attachments slots and is already highly stable weapon in PUBG Mobile. Players can easily engage far targets easily because of the stability it provides. AKM recoil control is most difficult in PUBG mobile, players require a set of skills to handle such a destructive weapon in game. AUG wins over AKM in recoil control.

AKM – 3

AUG A3 –3

Both the weapon ties here but AKM dominates AUG A3 in every category except recoil control and attachments. Although stability gives upper hand to AUG. AKM is still better than air drop gun AUG A3. What do you guys think?

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