PUBG Mobile Ban 531 Hackers in PMCO Fall Split 2020

PUBG Mobile being the most popular battle royale games on Android and iOS devices, hackers are inevitable. According to recent reports, PUBG Mobile ban around 531 teams for hacking allegedly in Online Qualifiers of PMCO Fall Split 2020.

The online Qualifier of PMCO Fall Split was intense and ended amazingly. Group Stage of PMCO Fall Spit is scheduled to hit tomorrow, where the winners of Online qualifiers and invited team would battle.

Cheaters Banned in Online Qualifier

PUBG Mobile recorded highest number of registration in an Esports history. Around a total of eighty thousand teams took part in PMCO online qualifier stage and they banned 531 Teams for hacking. The numbers alone speak the volume, you can imagine the total numbers of players took part.

PUBG Mobile revealed that their anti-cheat system detected 531 teams for hacking. All these teams are banned and punished accordingly. However, PUBG Mobile haven’t disclosed the details of hacking teams.

The teams ban are suspected for using cheats and altering the game files for unfair use.

PMCO Fall Split 2020 Group Stage

Invited teams:

Group Stage is about to start from tomorrow where 32 teams will take part in an intense battle battleground. 32 teams would be divided into 4 groups playing for 6 days. Only 24 teams will qualify for next round while the bottom 8 will be eliminated.

You can catch the live broadcast on PUBG Mobile’s official YouTube account. 

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