PUBG Mobile Banned 2,080,812 Accounts Permanently

PUBG mobile has been there for a while now and continues to grow even faster and bigger with millions of player base. The increase in the number of players has also led to an increase in the number of hackers and cheater in-game due to which the players are facing difficulties to have a fair game-play.

Hackers in Pubg mobile is no surprise. There are several PUBG Mobile cheats and hacks players can use to gain an unfair advantage. The numbers of hacker have been drastically increased since the last few updates.

PUBG Mobile revealed a report which says 22,73,152 accounts has been banned for cheating in-game. The fourth ban report of violated accounts from 11th September to 17th September is out now.

The first report issued on 29th August, 22.,73,152 cheaters were detected. The second reports claim 18,38,223 players cheating. The last week’s report suspended over 22,45,936 accounts. Overall PUBG Mobile banned 2,080,812 accounts permanently for cheating, according to officials.

 PUBG Mobile Players banned stats

  • 3% in Conqueror tier
  • 3% in Ace tier
  • 6% in Crown tier
  • 11% in Diamond tier
  • 13% in Platinum tier
  • 16% in Gold tier
  • 23% in Silver tier
  • 25% in Bronze tier

Reasons for Ban

  • 47% use auto-aiming from third-party scripts to shoot enemies automatically with no recoil and absolute accuracy
  • Around 29% uses X-Ray Visions to gain an unfair advantage and spot the enemy’s positions through covers and walls
  • 11% use speed hacks to give themselves an unfair movement advantage.
  • 4% use mods to enhance the area damage, which enables them to kill others instantly with increased bullet damage
  • 4% of the hackers use mods to change the character model to gain an unfair advantage using third-party plugins
  • The remaining 5% have no specific reason

New Anti-Cheat System

As always, Pubg mobile again introduced a new anti-cheat system before New Era update to offer a fair gameplay experience to players. The new anti-cheat feature is called as ‘Video Review Station.’ This video review station is a great method where players can contribute to creating a fair gameplay environment. It allows players to review the video of a reported gamer and drop their decisions respectively. If the number of response to the video is higher the game officials will review the footage for further verification, if guilty, will be banned immediately.

Also, the top investigator will receive the title of Master Investigator. 15,552 investigators assist to decide to ban 34,790 accounts this week. An investigator who have 21 correct judgments in a week, will receive a reward of three classic crate coupons. This is an amazing method that allows players to help the community and eradicate hackers from the game. Decrease in number of such hackers will help create a better & playable environment in PUBG Mobile.

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