PUBG Mobile Battle of Beasts: Groza vs MK14

Weapons of PUBG Mobile has always been a part of discussions. PUBG Mobile is primarily known for its excellent weapons in-game. This top-rated battle royale game having a huge player base. And, Weapons are the primary reasons that attract gamers on PUBG Mobile. Using a gun in PUBG Mobile requires skills, knowledge and practice.

PUBG Mobile has every kind of weapons from long-range guns to short-range, including pistols and melee weapons. Assault Rifles are the rulers in the game, while DMRs are also considered as the most useful mid-range weapon in PUBG Mobile. In this article, we’ll discuss the two powerful weapons in their respective categories – Groza(AR)and MK14(DMR).

PUBG Mobile: Groza vs MK14

Groza and MK14 both are the rare destructive weapons in PUBG Mobile that fires 7.62mm of bullets. Let’s have a closer look at both these PUBG Mobile airdrop weapons.


Groza is the king of assault rifles in PUBG Mobile. It’s a rare air-drop gun that loads 7.62 mm bullets with a one of highest firing rate beside M416. Groza deals base damage of 48 with bullets speed to that of 715 m/s.

Groza is the deadliest weapon slaying in close combat. The damage per second rate of Groza is 646.25 HP/s which is very much higher in the AR category as compared to all the Assault rifles in-game.

This rare airdrop weapon only comes with a scope and magazine slot, and a unique muzzle slot that can only equip a suppressor. The con of Groza has flaws, the highest recoil which is difficult to control and its reload time of 3 seconds. 


Mk14 is the deadliest and versatile weapon in PUBG Mobile that can only be found in supply airdrops. This DMR possesses a great damage potential of 61 per hit and is lethal. It holds 7.62mm of bullets with a 10 round magazine. The bullet fires 853 m/s, each separated by a 0.090 seconds gap. 

MK14 deals 143 headshot damage and often overlooked by PUBGM players because of high recoil. It can bring down an enemy in five bullets only and has two fire modes -semi-auto or full-auto. The high vertical and horizontal recoil of Mk14 makes it hard to control.

Conclusion: The high base damage of MK14 is higher than Groza. Mk14 also has higher damage per second as compared to Groza. In terms of power, Mk14 is more powerful but falls back at the rate of fire. Talking about attachments, both the weapons do not hold much room for it than Extended-Quickdraw. The ammo capacity of Groza (40) is better than Mk14(20), gives Groza an upper hand.

However, all the statistics of these weapons are in front of you. In the end, everything depends on how better you can make use of weapons in PUBG Mobile.

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