PUBG Mobile Becomes Highest Grossing Mobile Game August 2020

PUBG Mobile Continues to make a record!!!!

Undoubtedly PUBG Mobile battle royale is the best mobile game on Android and iOS devices. It has continuously proved its dominance on smartphone devices since long. PUBG Mobile once again reached a peak with 25% increment from August 2019, becoming the highest-grossing mobile game of August 2020.

As per the latest reports from Sensor Tower – PUBG Mobile is the highest-grossing Mobile Game of August 2020, PUBGM’s revenue reached 221 million USD last month. Out of which China contributed 59% of total revenue followed by the US and Japan contributing 9.5% and 5.2% respectively. PUBG Mobile has dominated its way to Top leaving behind popular titles like Pokemon Go and Honor of Kings.

Honor of Kings, the second-highest-grossing game of Aug 2020 fell short of 16.2 million USD with a total of 204.8 million USD in August. Fate/Grand Order stands at third position followed by Pokemon GO in the fourth place. Fate/Grand Order whopped 163 million USD in August 2020.

PUBG Mobile has become a phenomenon conquering all the heights. According to Sensor Tower reports, the game generated 3.5 billion USD in player spending since its launch in 2018. The figure itself speaks louder. 

PUBG Mobile ban in India may affect the standings in next month. it’s only a matter of time until we find it out.

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