PUBG Mobile: Payload Mode Arriving Tomorrow & Diwali Dhamaka for Indian players.

Payload Mode to arrive on 23rd October…

On 16th October Pubg mobile hits a big update 0.15.0 announcing new Payload mode (EvoGround mode) with exciting new features as I mentioned in my last article although it didn’t went live after the update,is arriving tomorrow on 23rd of October. So, Pubg fans out there hold your horses for some great action in payload mode featuring new vehicles ,new explosive heavy weapons such as RPG-7, M3E1-A, M79 & M134 i.e Two Rocket-launchers, one Grenade launcher and mini-gun respectively.Desert Eagle pistol that deals a huge damage of 62 is introduced. The game will be rolled out on small area from Erangel map.

Another great feature we’re about to experience in new payload mode is Quick revive option i.e if our teammates get killed we’re able to collect their ID cards take them to communication tower and revive them,Vehicle Repair Pack so players can fix their vehicles, Super Weapon Crates,BRDM-2 vehicle with bulletproof tires that can run in water too also a helicopter that enable players to move around the map(be-aware of rocket launchers) and fire mid-air. Players are now able to grab onto ledges, climb between walls, explode barrels around and jump midair.

I’ll we posting more about payload mode once it hits the ground tomorrow.

Enjoy this festive Season with Pubg Mobile’s Diwali Dhamaka !!!!!!!!

Tencent’s top mobile game, PUBG Mobile’s Diwali Dhamaka event is here along with some amazing festive offers. Pubg Mobile never fails to disappoint players whether its a festival,any mega event or world cup,they always keep up with ongoing events around the world and bring it to the game adding a flavor so players can enjoy as well.This is the another reason for PUBG having a popular fanbase worldwide

Let’s cut the chase and talk about the Diwali dhamaka event, with the release of new Pubg mobile update 0.15.0 on 16th October,the event went live which is about to end on 4th of November that include in-game items some nice traditional outfits, gun skins and chance to win actual gifts. As usual to claim those items we have to undergo & complete daily missions and event.Gun skins of M416,AWM outfits like Lobster sets,traditional wear like kurta pajam’s as displayed in above picture are there which can be brought into play after completion of specific event. Pubg mobile is also giving Oppo mobile phones,Boat headphones etc to few lucky winners. Get your hands to work and start hitting some patt se headshots.

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