PUBG Mobile: Celebrating Holi Special

Tencent’s Pubg Mobile new Update rolled out recently this month celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of the game. Updates include few new features and items added in-game.

Tencent never fails to disappoint PUBG players. To celebrate this Holi festival, PUBG mobile has a special item pack for Indian players. New ‘Daily Bundles’ pack brings us some awesome gifts, rewards and goodies available to grab until 14th March 2020.

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The new Holi ‘Daily Bundles’ pack cost up to 10₹ per day with exciting gift pack inside -8 UC, 1 Classic Crate coupon and 5 silver. If you’re a regular buyer means if you purchase daily bundles every day, they will guarantee you a permanent reward.

‘Daily Bundles’ will last for 5 days adding up to 5oRs if you purchase daily. Also, daily buyers can win Angry Teddy Set, Angry Teddy Mask, Neon AWM Skin, Feast Parachute Skin, Enraged Unicorn Set or Hot Pizza Helmet Skin.

You can win daily new exciting items in a five days reward streak of Holi Special. Users also have a chance to win RP supply vouchers that can be used in the next season of PUBG Mobile.

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