PUBG Mobile: Countries who Reverted their ban

Over the year, many battle-royale games released for Android/iOS devices and PUBG Mobile hardly needs any introduction. The game has become a phenomenon with millions of player base. 

Despite the popularity of the title, PUBG mobile had a lot of ups and downs. The government institutions from several countries kept a keen eye on the game. Hence, PUBG Mobile faced a ban in many countries, while few of them withdrew their ban on the game later.

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Today, we’re going to talk about the countries reverted their ban on PUBG Mobile. The list does not go so long, there’re only two countries which unbanned the PUBG Mobile until now.


Pakistan Telecommunication Authorities (PTA) banned PUBG Mobile in July 2020, as it received numerous complaint against the mobile game. The title was banned due to negative influence, addictiveness, and unhealthy impact on children.

PTA said, “PTA has received numerous complaints against PUBG wherein it is stated that the game is addictive, wastage of time and poses a serious negative impact on the physical and psychological health of the children.”

Later, the authority requested feedback from people, petitions were filed against the ban in Islamabad High Court. After a month, on 30th July, PUBG Mobile hailed back in Pakistan. PTA unbanned PUBG Mobile, after meeting with Proxima Beta Pte Ltd (PB) representatives.


In April 2019, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) suspended PUBG Mobile after many complaints “regarding the effect of the game on children” by the Metropolitan Crime Division.

The chief of Metropolitan Crime Division, Dhiraj Pratap Singh quoted, “We received a number of complaints from parents, schools, and school associations regarding the effect of the game on children. We also held discussions with psychiatrists before requesting the Kathmandu District Court for permission to ban the game.”

As we all know, the game has been criticized a lot due to its negative impact on children. Hence, PUBG Mobile was banned back in Nepal.

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority, Sandip Adhikari, told Reuters “We have ordered the ban on PUBG because it is addictive to children and teenagers.”

Later, the ban was reversed after several petitions were filed in the Supreme Court of the Himalayan country.

PUBG Corp also announced the relaunch of PUBG mobile in India with region-specific Indian version. However, it’s been a month and the company haven’t any updates regarding the release date and trailer of PUBG Mobile India.

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