PUBG Mobile: Do You Know This New Features?

PUBG Mobile received another major update last month with Season 13 Battle Royal Pass. The recent update consist of many changes in game and Map with additional updates like new weapon, vehicle and vending machines in Miramar.

The 0.18.0 update focuses mainly on Miramar but also has additional features that is still unknown by many PUBG mobile players. New Safety scramble mode is available for aggressive players in PUBG mobile. A bundle of new features were also added in game out of which some went unnoticed by many.

Today we will be discussing that additional features. This new interesting features must be highlighted and I’ve noticed many players don’t know about it yet.

New Drop Tactic in PUBGM

Every player has their own unique style of playing a game. Many likes to play safe while some are aggressive who love hotdrop. Few of us even struggle with squads. When we do not have squads to play with, this new feature help us to match with players who play w our style.

Tencent added a new option in Matchmaking section, where players can select the option of their choice .

There’re are two options available in Matchmaking section now that reads Droptactic: If you love Hot drops and aggressive game play select onto ‘HotDrop’, it will match you with all the players who love hot drops. If you like to play slow and rank push, you can go for the ‘Slow and Steady’ option.

Player Tag

Player tag in PUBG mobile is the new feature that specifies the performance of an individual player in Squad.

Every player receives a tag after the match ends that decide their role in the game. It is proportional to your role and gameplay style in the particular game. For example, you receives a Sniper tag if you gather more kills sniping in the game.

Friendlist Option to deal with bunch

New friend list option in PUBG Mobile allows you to deal with the bunch of players request at once. The new option display below right down the corner of screen read ‘Ignore All’ and ‘Accept All.’ Choose accordingly if your friend list bulk up with random requests.

Hotdrop feature is really helpful for me :p

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