PUBG Mobile Dominates Fortnite, COD Mobile | Highest-earning mobile game in USA

PUBG Mobile records are unstoppable !!

Tencent’s PUBG Mobile has proved its dominance since the release in 2018. Over the years, PUBG Mobile attracted millions of players worldwide, becoming the most downloaded game on Android and iOS devices with more than 600 million downloads until last year. It’s no wonder that this title is hailing back again on Mobile phones.

PUBG Mobile has become the highest-earning mobile game in the USA since October 2019. Tencent’s pubg mobile dominated other popular battle royale games like Fortnite and COD: Mobile, becoming the top-grossing shooter games in the US from Oct 2019 – Sep 2020.

PUBG Mobile tops the chart followed by other popular shooters titles like COD mobile and Fortnite.

Recently COD Mobile completed its first anniversary on 1st October 2020. According to Sensor Tower reports, Call of Duty: Mobile has generated approximately $480 million in player spending. The game when released broke the internet with 100 million downloads in the first week of release. COD Mobile raked 150 million downloads in the first month and 172 million in the second.

If we compare both the games, COD Mobile accumulated 250 million downloads in 265 days whereas, PUBG Mobile had 236 million downloads in 265 days.

However, COD Mobile ranks 3rd in terms of revenue in the USA. PUBG Mobile is the highest-earning($274 million) mobile game followed by Fortnite($239 million)and then COD Mobile($215 Million)

As we all know the current situation of top 2 popular shooters. The removal of from both the App Store and Play Store and the ban of PUBG Mobile in India might significantly affect the revenue of the game. COD Mobile may beat both the titles in the next report.

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