PUBG Mobile Earned Over $200 Million in May 2020

Tencent’s PUBG Mobile has proved its dominance since the release in 2018. Over the years, PUBG Mobile attracted millions of players worldwide, becoming the most downloaded game on Android and iOS devices with more than 600 million downloads until last year. It’s no wonder that this title is hailing back again on Mobile phones.

According to Sensor Tower (an analytics platform that aggregates data from millions of Android and iOS users)reports, PUBG Mobile earned over $200 million revenue in May 2020. This came as a surprise. The growth of PUBG Mobile increased by 41% since last year. With this, PUBG Mobile becomes the top grossing games of May 2020.

Over 53% of revenue is earned by China, followed by United States 10.2% and Saudi Arabia 5.5%.  User spent more than $226 Million for PUBG Mobile until May 2020. The title earned its throne now standing on top position followed by Honor of Kings by Tencent, the second highest earning mobile game, earned $204.5 million revenue. Tencent made $450.5 million combined with these two titles.

The other popular Android games, like Pokemon Go, also received a huge response from the user. But it was not close to overcome PUBG Mobile. Unfortunately, Fortnite didn’t even make it to Top 10 last month. Let’s wait for the reports of June 2020 until then.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile recently celebrated their Second anniversary and received the Season 13 update last month. Tencent are keeping up with frequent updates in the game to make it more enjoyable and the title underwent a lot of changes in a last few months.

Players are now waiting for highly anticipated Season 14 that promises some major updates in PUBG Mobile like new maps, vehicles and Weapons n-game. Season 14 Battle Royal Pass will make it more exciting than ever.

Despite of being involve in many suicides and criminal cases, PUBG Mobile made its way back to top and now looks invincible. In India Government took a firm action banning PUBG at various locations. However, the regular tournaments and entry of Esports saved the game and took Mobile gaming to whole another level.

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