Pubg Mobile Erangel map 2.0 Expected on December

We may get to see a New Erangel 2.0 map soon !

A new version of Erangel map 2.0 will be available soon.It is said to be revamp of Erangel map in Pubg Mobile classic. TS Jang, Executive Producer of Pubg Corp said it will launch soon & expected to arrive in December as per the news.

A Quick promo teaser was posted which slightly featured the Erangel 2.0 for few seconds making a reference about new version of map.According to news pubg mobile players will be introduced to it soon i.e December(expected date).We got to see the new Payload mode(EvoGround) back on 23rd October.

Few days ago, a video posted by Mr Ghost gaming(YouTuber) revealing about upcoming updates and features in Pubg mobile, informs about the 0.16.0 update Pubg Mobile planning to launch next month followed by 0.15.5 in between which has some changes in Team Death Matches map,new weapon MPK5 sub-machine gun,new skins and costumes along with glass update.

As per promo video,the players were drop on the revamp version of Erangel map (2.0) seen having a fight along with other squad members,a vehicle chase combat which displays the upgraded version of buggy.Also the map structure shown were better than existing map with fine textures,long trees, dense forest,thick grass and mountain peaks with improved details .

Reports say that Pubg PC feature like Glass window will soon included in Pubg Mobile too.The video also gives a view of halloween themed new costumes and skins,map looks great,dense and vivid.Also it was a promo video not an actual gameplay so, there might be some changes and we dont have the official confirm news about its release.

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