PUBG Mobile: Groza vs M762

Weapons of PUBG Mobile is always been a part of discussions. PUBG Mobile is primarily known for their excellent weapons in-game. Groza and M762 are the Top 2 Assault rifles of PUBG Mobile. Both the guns are considered as most destructive weapons in game. Groza and M762 fires 7.6mm of bullets and  players seek out both the weapons in Air drop and when landing respectively.

I’ve seen players discussing a lot about M762 vs Groza and Which is better? Some of you must have already voted for Groza just because it’s an air drop exclusive weapon. however, M762 should not be underrated. So let’s compare both these weapons.

Groza vs M762


M762 is one of the most commonly found gun and has only four attachment slots: grip, muzzle, magazine, and the scope. Groza is an air drop weapon and also has room for three attachments: scope, muzzle and mag.


When it comes to power,  both are destructive weapons. Both are short-range devil and has a power of 48-46 and is very destructive. Groza wins here.

Reload Time:

Both the guns have a high reload time in comparison to other Assault rifles. Groza requires 3seconds to reload without attachment while M762 need 2.8s to reload 30 bullets. M762 takes the point here in reload time.


M762 and Groza fires 7.6mm of bullets hence they have equal range 60. It’s also a draw here between both.

Firing Speed:

Groza is popular for its high firing rate and M762 have lower firing speed compare to Groza. Therefore, Groza is considered  as most powerful assault rifles in PUBG Mobile.

Recoil Control:

Groza and M762 both has high recoil control with or without attachments and it’s quite difficult to figure out which one is better. I’ve played and cross checked both of the AR with proper attachments. I think Groza has the highest recoi. There’s a significantdifference between both.

Groza – 3points

M762 – 3points

Even it’s a draw here in stats. both the gun can be fatal in close combat but Groza have an upper hand because of high firing rate. Groza takes he crown here.

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