PUBG Mobile: Hacks and Cheats Details

Every next player face the hack issue in an online game. Hackers kills the enjoyment of game, annoying players by ruining the gameplay environment. Hackers in game is no surprise.

PUBG Mobile Hackers are always one of the hottest topic on forums and blog. Hackers in PUBG mobile keeps increasing irrespective of the anti-cheat system and measures taken by PUBG Mobile. This is the most common issue faced by plenty of PUBG Mobile players on an everyday basis. With the numbers of anti-cheat mechanics and real-time detection algorithm updates frequently, hackers are also evolved to overcome all the anti-cheat system by PUBG mobile. Developers are constantly trying their best to ban suspected players and ensure a fair game-play environment in PUBG Mobile.

Hackers uses specific software to alter the game and modify as per their needs. These hacks and cheats allow several unfair advantages to hackers. Today, we’ll be discussing the types of cheats and hacks in PUBG Mobile.

Types of Cheats and Hacks in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Aimbot

Aimbot hack is very popular among hackers. This cheat allow hackers to shoot down an enemy aimlessly without worrying about the accuracy as the bullet lands perfectly on enemies head using this cheat. It has always been one of major cheat used by lots of hackers in PUBG mobile. Next time, when you see someone destroying their enemies without the proper crosshair aim, you know what to do – report.

Speed Hack

Speed Hack is the next problematic cheat that allows players to move faster than anything. It’s like a Flash from DC. Hackers can evade or move faster at unimaginable speed giving an unfair advantage over real players. It sometimes look like they just got teleported, all because of the speed. Speed hack is the mst common issue and cheat in PUBG Mobile.

Recoil Cheat

The name itself describes the function of cheat. Recoil Cheat controls the recoil movements of the gun or completely destroys it so that hackers can aim without worrying about the recoil of gun. Every PUBG mobile weapons requires a skill to control it and this cheat completely ruins the gameplay scenario of true players.

PUBG ESP and Wallhack

ESP hack reveals the locations of all the players on the map. It makes hacker easily track and kill you with no hints. While, Wall hack allows the cheaters to spot enemy through walls and shoot through it to kill them. This both hack is the most problematic cheats in PUBG mobile.

High Damage Hack

High Damage hack deals a large amount of damage on a single hit i.e. more damage as compared to usual weapon base damage. It is very hard to determine sometimes as cheaters alter the damage ration by small numbers and shoots like other true players in game.

Above mentioned are the most common and popular hacks of PUBG Mobile. Make sure if you comes across such suspects or hackers in game do report them.

Tencent should really come up with something ASAP so that players gameplay won’t get affected because of such cheaters. Decrease in a number of such hackers will help create a better & playable environment in PUBG Mobile.

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