PUBG Mobile Halloween Infection Mode: Everything To Know

The Halloween month is here with new PUBG Mobile Mode

PUBG mobile is all set to celebrate this Halloween with players through exclusive Halloween Infection Mode. It has finally returned to PUBG mobile.

Halloween Infection Mode will be available in Evo Ground section which unlocks at level 5. To know more about Halloween Infection Mode read below:

Halloween Infection Mode

The exclusive Halloween Infection Mode is finally making its way back after a year again. This new mode was released in PUBG Mobile for the very first time in 0.14.0 update last year. It’s a limited-time event for PUBG Mobile players where 12 players are divided into 2 teams -Defenders and Zombies.

The concept of Halloween mode is simple and straight forward. Defenders have to defend themselves from being infected until the clock runs out. While Zombies have to infect everyone to win the match.

The game beings with 3 players turning into zombies who can only use melee weapons to attack players. Zombies have a very great advantage over players- infinite respawns and higher health. They have to kill the normal players with melee weapons till the clock runs out. The timer sets for 3 minutes. Defenders have to defend against these zombies, the one who gets killed will also turn into a zombie. It features a chain effect.

Halloween Infection mode has 3 rounds of 3 minutes. In new rounds, all the players are turned back into defenders and start the same again/ players and defenders are ranked according to their performances in PUBG Mobile Infection mode.

PUBG Mobile Halloween Infection mode will go live on 23rd October, a week before Halloween. 

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