PUBG Mobile: How Get Free Premium Crate Coupon

PUBG Mobile Season 13 recently dropped on PUBG Mobile global servers today. Season 13 brings in lots of rewards, gifts and items for PUG Mobile players to play and win. Millions of players are already in-the game hunting for news skins, outfits, and coupons. PUBG mobile new season has many new events that offer some exciting rewards to players. We’ll let you know how to get a free PUBG Mobile premium Crate Coupon in Season 13.

Various in-game events are live now in PBG Mobile where you can win some exclusive game rewards. PUBG Mobile Extreme Treasure event likely is a time-limited event where premium players can get newly Final Frontier Set and Red Streak Spending some UC to spin.

But, we need a free Premium crate coupon? Yeah. We all know Tencent never disappoint their players, they always have something every new season. Every players have a chance to get a premium crate coupon in this PUBG Mobile Extreme Treasure event.


To win 75 UC every day Follow these steps:

  1. Follow me on
  2. I am Live Everyday at 5:00 Pm. Just type your name in chats to enter in giveaway.
  3. Wait till end of stream to know if you won <3

You can come and say Hi and let me know you came from Website.(If I’m offline just follow me you will get notified when I’m live <3 )

How do We Get a Free Premium Crate Coupon?

This premium crate coupon is hidden beautifully in Toy playground by PUGB Mobile. In Extreme Treasure event there’s a small rocket icon located at bottom-right of y0ur screen.

Tap on it to open the New Surprise by PUBG Mobile

And there you go have your Free Premium Crate Coupon. If you’re lucky enough you may end up winning a new skin.

Do let me know what’s the best thing you won in PUBG Mobile Crate opening?

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