PUBG Mobile: How to Rank Push in PUBG Mobile Season 16

PUBG Mobile is an enormously popular video game on Android and iOS devices. A player requires a good set of skills to win and excel in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile is challenging and demanding in terms of skills, tactics and gameplay. You need a perfect strategy to carry out your plans effectively in-game. The game has various fields where players need to work on to play in a much effective manner and Rank pushing in PUBG mobile is one of it.

Rank Pushing in PUBG Mobile is among the most discussed topics on the Internet and YouTube. Rank Push in PUBG mobile is the done by many players in-game to reach the higher tier soon. PUBG Mobile Season 16 is live now, and if you want to rank push quickly -You are at the right place. Here are some helpful tips to Rank up quickly in PUBG Mobile Season 16.

How To Rank Push Quickly in Season 16

Layout, Sensitivity & Weapons

Set your layout and sensitivity settings depending on your playstyle. In battle royale match equip the proper attachments and firearms for better results. Your layout should be comfortable for you. Find an appropriate sensitivity setting and layout to increase your survival chances in-game.

Avoid Random players

One of the major reason why you aren’t able to rank push quick is -playing with randoms. Coordination and communication are must need to rank push quickly and effectively. So, avoid playing with random players to maintain your rank.

Maintain Kills & Survival ratio

Survival is compulsory during rank push. Kill point is not as important as survival points. But you need some kills in your pocket. Get some decent number of kills until the end of the circle. Your prime motive should be to get into top players of the match. Find the perfect spot within the circle. Assume, where could the best possibility of zone formation.


Choose the proper drop location in PUBG Mobile. There are several maps in pubg mobile. But, when it comes to rank pushing, Erangel our best friend. Rank push in Erangel is the best way to achieve your target soon. Erangel being one of the largest maps in PUBG mobile has various places for drops and loots. You can land anywhere you want in this long map. 

Best Time To Push

The correct timing yields good results. And, the best timing to push rank in PUBG Mobile is the first week. If you start grinding from the first day, it will be a lot easier to reach a higher tier in PUBG mobile later. Hence, the ideal time to push rank is the beginning of the season.

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