PUBG Mobile: How To Use Runes in Runic Power Mode

The new PUBG Mobile 1.2 update brings tons of new features, new weapons, various in-game improvements and a new game mode called – Runic Power mode. Runic Power Mode offer players to choose from three new skills that require special runes to power. 

Runic Power Mode

New Runic Power Mode is available on the Erangel map. Players have to activate it in the Select Mode section. Before entering the match, you have to select runic power on the spawn island. Choose a rune from three powers, including Wind Rune, Magma Rune, and Arctic Rune to get the hold of these special powers.

In this article, we’ve explained How To Use these runes in PUBG Mobile Runic power mode.

1) Magma Rune

Maga Wheel: It requires 10 crystals to activateMagma wheel. When you activate it, a Magam wheel appears on your screen. This wheel appeared in front of your character rolls for 10 seconds in forward direction. Moreover, You can use three such wheels at once which not only gives you cover but also causes damage to an enemy with its fire. The wheel stands still for 2 minutes before disappearing and takes 10 seconds to cool down. Magma wheel can be destroyed with melee weapons by an opponent. So, Be careful.

Scorching Ammo: Player need 5 crystals to use this skill. After activation, the ammo in your gun becomes scorching bullets. These bullets cause more damage to the target than normal. It will be activated in 30 seconds. The cooldown time of this skill is 15 minutes.

2) Wind Rune

As usual, It too requires 10 rune crystals to activate Wind Shelter. The shelter provides you defence from enemies around. It makes a cover around you like a shelter to protect you from bullets for 55seconds. The cooldown time is 60 seconds and can be destroyed with melee weapons.

Another skill is Wind boost, needs 5 crystals to activate. It boosts your reloading speed by 50%, moving speed by 10% and damage you cause to the Ice Wall also increases by 1.5 times. The cooldown time is 60 seconds.

3) Artic Rune

Ice Wall. needs 10 rune crystals to activate it. This skill allows you to make a 3×3 ice wall under your foot of 9 ice blocks. These blocks can be broken by bullets. But, it breaks one by one and takes a time to destroy its whole. It can be used to hide, jump and reach higher places on the map. Also, You can create three walls at once to protect yourself. The cooldown time is 60 seconds.

Freezing Ammo: To activate this skill you need 5 crystals. The active time is 30 seconds and cooldown time is 25 seconds. Freezing ammo causes higher damage than normal bullets that can destroy the Magma Wheel and Wind Shelter faster comparatively.

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