PUBG Mobile India: All Official Updates and News we know until now

Playerunknown battleground is one of the best battle royal games on mobile devices. The ban on PUBG mobile in India has not only affected the gaming community but also the esports ecosystem here.

However, since the PUBG Mobile India version announcement, it is the most anticipated mobile game in the country. In this article, we’re going to look at all the updates and news we know about the game until now.

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  • In early September, PUBG Mobile along with 117 Chinese apps was crushed in between the conflicts of India and China as they pose a threat to the national security and privacy of the citizens of India.
  • Two months after the ban, On 12th November, PUBG Corp made a major announcement teasing the revival of PUBG Mobile with region-specific version ‘PUBG Mobile India’.
  • Later, PUBG Mobile released the game teaser, The teaser features popular PUBG Mobile influencers like Dynamo, Kronten, and Jonathan.
  • PUBG Corp joined hands with Microsoft Azure to host PUBG Mobile back in India. Microsoft’s public cloud computing service, Azure helps game creators to distribute their products on a global scale. The collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Microsoft Azure promises to resolve all the privacy issues of user data and stay in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • PUBG Mobile India opened its official website and social accounts on YouTube & Facebook. 

  • PUBG Corp also invested $100M to ensure the development of the game in India including Esports.

  • PUBG Mobile also registered as the country’s private limited company recently.

These are all the official updates we know about PUBG Mobile India until now. 

Talking about the release date of the game, it is still unclear. PUBG Mobile India release date is expected to reveal alongside the trailer of the game. No official word has been shared by the game about the PUBG Mobile release yet.

Several speculations are made and as per reports, PUBG Mobile India is seeking government’s permission to relaunch the game.

It is been so long since the relaunch announcement, but fans are helpless and stubborn. At this moment, all we can do is wish for PUBG Mobile India to return soon.

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