PUBG Mobile India Official Announcement this Christmas ?

The recent tweet from popular Indian Pubg mobile pro player Maxtern fills in with the latest update “might be an announcement related to PUBG Mobile India officials”

Maxtern recently claims about the official PUBG mobile announcement to take place on this Christmas 2020.

PUBG Mobile India has been a topic of discussion since PUBG corp revealed the Indian specific version of PUBG Mobile. On 12th November, South Korean company announced the relaunch of PUBG Mobile in India. Fans have been hyped up since then.

PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Corp joined hands with Microsoft Azure to host PUBG Mobile back in India and meet the requirements of the Indian government, related to data security and privacy.

It is exactly been a month today since the announcement of PUBG mobile India. The wait gets longer with each passing day. And, the release date of the game is still a question.

Maxtern Tweeted about PUBG Mobile India

Sagar Thakur aka Maxtern is a professional Indian PUBG Mobile Player and streamer. Popularized in the early days of the glorious game through his skills and gameplay. 

He revealed an update about PUBG Mobile India in his recent tweets. Maxtern tweeted, “According to some internal source: There might be an announcement related to PUBG Mobile India officials on this Christmas. Hope they are true! SOURCE: People in touch with the internal team.”

Orange Sharma (professional pubg mobile player) confirmed the tweet in a replyenquiring whether their sources are same to which Maxtern replied “Yes”.

This wasn’t the only update by Maxtern about PUBG mobile India since the announcement. Previously, Sagar tweeted about the PUBG mobile India’s APK file released for certain influencers, and they’re not allowed to share the details or clips about the game yet until trailer release. However, he deleted this tweet later.

Many updates about PUBG Mobile India was recorded in this month – The company released the game teaser, official website, YouTube & Facebook account and registered as country’s private limited company recently. PUBG Corp also invested $100M to ensure the development of the game in India.

PUBG Mobile India release date is still a mystery. Be patient and Stay Tuned.

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