PUBG Mobile India vs FAU-G: 3 Differences To Know

Currently, PUBG Mobile and FAU-G both are the most anticipated title in India. PUBG Mobile is arguably the best mobile battle royale game ever. With an enormous player base and millions of active player, PUBG Mobile has become a phenomenon. However, the ban of PUBG Mobile in India came as a surprise, and launch of PUBG Mobile Indian version was announced later on 12th November.

Fau-G is an upcoming Indian battle royale game that was shortly announced after the ban on PUBG Mobile in India. FAU-G was expected to release last month, but the game’s release was delayed. Pre-registration of Fau-G is opened now on Google PlayStore.

Since the announcement of PUBG Mobile India and Fau-G, Indian fans are excitedly waiting for the launch of both the titles. While the release date of games is unclear, let us have a look at 3 differences between PUBG Mobile India and Fau-G.

3 Difference between PUBG Mobile India and Fau-G


Talking about the gameplay mechanics, FAU-G is likely to have a campaign or story mode with a single-player online. The battle-royale mode for game is likely to release later in a future update.

PUBG Mobile India versions will be similar to global version with some minor changes in blood color, clothing and gameplay restriction etc. Indian PUBG Mobile version will feature battle royale mode, multiplayer and arcade mode like in global version.

Game Settings

PUBG Mobile India version is set on Virtual Simulation Training Ground. It will have different coloured hit markers and no blood effect when you hit a player.

Fau-G focuses on the military aspects of India, educate players about the sacrifices of our soldiers and the contribution of the Indian Army to the country. 

Game structure

PUBG Mobile India is a battle royale game where 100 players drop on an island to compete against each other, There are several other game modes that allow us to battle other players online.

FAU-G will be a level based game set on the real-life events encountered by the Indian Security Forces to deal with both domestic and foreign threats. The first level of the game will be in the Galwan valley.

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