PUBG Mobile installs Anti-Cheat detection System to deal with hackers

Say Bye to hackers …

PUBG Mobile being one of the top Multiplayer Battle Games, the increase in number of players has also led to an increase in number of hackers and cheater in game due to which the players are facing difficulties to have a fair game-play. Tencent have been working from few months to deal with such hackers and get a new anti-cheat detection system made from real-time detection algorithm which keeps updating itself analyzing the library, will track suspected game-play and ban hackers.

Considering the popularity of PUBG Mobile the hackers too are increased that uses specific software to alter the game and modify as per their needs.Hacks allow players to fire aimless headshots (bot aim),high jump, speed hack,see and fire through wall & open map view to identify enemy positions which is completely unfair. Last month a notice published by Tencent warning the hackers around the globe,banning them for 10 years.

As per records a lot of players have been banned since then and longs list consist of 25 pages and increasing day by day. In September 2019 3500 players were banned for hacking PUBG Mobile.Tencent has a group of people working 24/7 who sit analyse suspected game-play & remove ones that are using software and third party apps to breach PUBG mobile.

With new Anti-cheat detection system you do not have to wait long for ban with the help of real-time algorithm and analytical detection ban will be quick based on gameplay observations.Decrease in number of such hackers will help create a better & playable environment in PUBG Mobile.

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