PUBG Mobile LEAK: Season 13 Royal Pass Rewards

PUBG Mobile is the best Battle Royale Game out there for Android and iOS devices. Tencent celebrated the second anniversary of PUBG Mobile with season 12 update last month with new features, rewards, gifts and events added in-game.

However, the season 12 will end soon and developers are ready with a new season 13 update. PUBG Mobile Data miners are digging for new details every moment.

Recently Mr. Ghost Gaming our well-known data miner known for PUBG Mobile leaks unveils the details of upcoming PUBGM season 13.

PUBG Mobile season 13 is the next update for the game and will roll out next month. New upcoming season 13 titled as “Toy Playground” will offer featuristic toy theme in game. New lego-like gun skins and suprhero like character skins would be added to the game.

Not only gun skins and character Season 13 Royal pass have a new special outfit be unlocked at the last level of the Royale Pass- It looks cool moke like a superhero outfit.

Season 13 Royal rewards include a level 3 helmet skin and a new AUG skin, along with one of the 2 costume rewards: Flash Superman and Lava Superman. Both these costumes are similar but differs in colour.

MR Ghost Gaming also unveiled about new ghost skin, with gasmask and glove, but there’re not much details on them yet. Stay Tuned will keep you updated.

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