PUBG Mobile Leak: Season 15 Release Date and Updates

PUBG Mobile is the biggest battle royale game on android and iOS devices which received the major update recently. It’s only been past few days since the release of Season 14, and our Data miners are already on the roll. The new pubg mobile  Season15 leaks surfaced on internet just after the release of Season 14.

New Season 15 promises to bring a whole new content in the next PUBG Mobile update. We will cover the leaks and speculations related to Season 15 in this article.

Season 15 Release Date and Royale Pass

PUBG Mobile Season14 is officially live now and will probably end on September 14.  So as usual, Season 15 may start from 15th September .i.e. two days after the last season ends. The S15 royale pass will kick off from sept 15 with two levels of royal pass – Elite Royale Pass for 600 UC and Elite Plus Pass for 1800 UC.

PUBG Mobile New Mode

The leak suggests new PUBG Mobile mode where players have to fight against giant virus ball. Killing this giant virus will get you good loots and kills. It is probably called as “Virus Mode” focusing mainly on the current world crisis. You will also receive a face mask accessories in this new mode.

New Facemask Skin

Season1 5 also brings us a new coolest skin ever in PUBG Mobile- Facemask tattoo. We don’t have concrete details on it. But it will be available only for RP players. Apart from that there’re new backpack, vehicles and parachute skins.

New Character and Emotes

A new character may be added in next update too, called as ‘Sunny’. She will be wearing a black outfit with beautiful golden hair trim.

Lastly, there’re some amazing new emotes likely to be present in Season 15.

Erangel Update

According to leaks, various compounds and buildings in Erangel may be replaced with a new one. But it’s not the Erangel 2.0 update. Some minor changes are expected in Erangel, too.

All the above-mentioned leak may not be fully true. We have to wait until the official announcement.

Are you enjoying PUBG Mobile Season 14?

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