PUBG Mobile Lite 0.17.0 Update is Live Now: Payload Mode, New Vehicle and Many more

PUBG Mobile Lite too gets a new update 0.17.0 with many new features of PUBG Mobile, This new Lite update was very much anticipated by PUBG Mobile Lite players. New 0.17.0 updates brings us various aspects of PUBG Mobile in Lite including new weapons, Vehicles, Mode and many more.

Like PUBG Mobile, Lite also has amassed alot of players. PUBGM Lite offers smooth PUBG Mobile gameplay experience to users having low-end devices.

PUBG Mobile Lite finally introduce us Payload Mode from PUBG mobile that was in discussion alot last year. Payload mode brings many in game new elements to Lite that may take a higher toll on your low-end devices, But I think Tencent has tested it before implementing if the payload mode works smooth on your low-end devices there’s nothing to worry about.


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Payload Mode provides new Rocket Launcher with RPG’s loud sound effect and visual and HELICOPTER is the major highlight of Payload. New Armored bulletproof air drop vehicle  BRDM-2 which powerful among all vehicles in PUBG and can withstand higher damage. BRDM-2 can also float on water, making it a unique vehicle in PUBGM. Payload Mode is a new mode available in Evo-Ground section.

Another major update in 0.17.0 is an addition of new spawn island located near Erangel map called ‘Varenga.’ Spawn island has a greater amount of loot including rare weapons and Flare guns.

Desert Eagle is the new weapon that fires .45 bullets will available from now in PUBG Lite. Desert Eagle is the powerful pistol with higher single hit damage and can prove helpful if you haven’t found the proper gun during the landing.

If you’re PUBG Mobile Lite player, What do you think about new 0.17.0 update?

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