PUBG Mobile Lite 0.17.0 Update LEAK

PUBG Mobile Lite is an alternate version of Pubg mobile by Tencent released for low-end devices. The Game has successfully attracted lots of players and Tencent’s frequent updates in PUBG Lite make it more interesting to play and Enjoy.

PUBG Lite recent season is about to end now and upcoming new 0.17.0 update is ready with new features in lite, according to leaks.

The leak suggest 0.17.0 update to bring the PUBG Mobile Payload mode to lite. Payload mode allow players to use and fly helicopters around the map and shoot down enemies. Rocket Launcher is another destructive weapon available in Payload mode.

Tencent is trying to push the feature of PUBG Mobile in Lite which may eventually affect the games performance in later future.


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Leak also reveals the addition of Spawn Island in Erangel Map that consist of high level gears and loots. However, you need a boa to travel there as it is separated from map.

The clan perk feature may also be included in 0.17.0 update but there’re no details how it will work. Stay tuned until then.

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