PUBG Mobile Lite 0.18.0 Update Features and More

Pubg Mobile lite 0.18.0 update launched recently, packed with amazing new features. This Pubg mobile lite anniversary update brings lots of additional features, improvements and aspects of Pubg Mobile. Players have been longing for it since the reveal.

Several additional changes made in game includes new TDM Map, new weapon, cable car and many more notable features. Let’s have a look at them.

New TDM Map – Ruins

The long awaited TDM map of pubg mobile finally enters in lite version in 0.18.0 update. Ruins is a closed quarter confined area where players can hone their skills. This map brings along various new features to deliver better gameplay experience: the slide feature to dodge the bullets and fire enemy surprisingly is the most interesting one. Players were looking forward to new tdm map.

New Weapon P90

Developers added new SMG P90 in lite version, it already made the debut on Pubg mobile version. P90 fires fires 9mm of bullets and loads 50 per magazine, can also prove lethal during combats.

Pubg Mobile Lite icons

Celebrating their first anniversary Pubg Mobile upgraded the lobby with amazing new anniversary celebration theme.Includes new icons and and flashy elements in-game.

Cable Car

New cable car transport feature is added on map to carry players from one location to other easily. The spots for cable car is at few places on map. Also, a new location named Ruins has been added to Varenga.

These are the updates to look forward in 0.18.0 update. To improve the social interaction Pubg mobile lite introduce “Gift and Gift request feature” that allows you to send daily gifts to friends.

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