PUBG Mobile Lite 5 Toughest titles to achieve

PUBG Mobile lite also has a bunch of amazing in-game titles that make you look better than compared to other players.

The Lite version is similar to original PUBG Mobile for low-end devices. PUBG Mobile Lite is a successful alternative and potentially features almost all the elements of PUBG mobile in-game.

Just like PUBG Mobile, the lite version also has a bunch of amazing in-game titles that make you look better than compared to other players. The game offers various titles in-game based on players skills and achievement. Players can achieve this title by completing respective missions and challenges. Players who own the title can display it beside their name. 

Today, we’ll talk about the toughest and most difficult titles to get in PUBG Mobile lite. It’s not a simple task to achieve those titles overnight. Players hone their skills and train hard to get them. let’s have a look at them.

PUBG Mobile Lite 5 Toughest titles

1 – Chicken Expert

The chicken Master title is the hardest one which requires a lot of grind in PUBG Mobile lite. You have to survive and win a Classic Solo match in Platinum or above tier, by killing the opponent by a certain manner. A player should use every type of weapon in the game to deal a final blow to get chicken dinner. All weapons including melee, grenades, AR, Shotgun, Sniper and others. As is sounds, Chicken Master is a burdensome title to achieve in PUBG Mobile lite. It is very demanding as well as challenging.

2 – On a Mission

On a mission can be unlocked by completion of all the weapon masteries in PUBG mobile lite. You have to master every kind of weapon in PUBG mobile lite from pistols to sniper till Level 5. However, it’s not that rare but players still struggle to achieve this title.

3 – Commando

Commando, I would say is the hardest title which not only requires skills but also good luck to achieve it in PUBG Mobile lite. To get Commando title in-game- You have to win 50 Classic solo matches in Platinum or above, while not equipping any helmets, backpacks or vests. Not having backpacks will make it the most difficult task in PUBG mobile lite.

4 – Mythic Fashion

Mythic fashion is cannot be easily earned as you have to spend lot of money to get this title. Mythic fashion requires all kinds of 50 mythic outfits to unlock this achievement. It’s not rare, though it may cost a lot of money. Do you have this title?

5 – Sharpshooter

To get the Sharpshooter title, all you have to do is bring down three enemies with headshots from a sniper rifle. It requires less work and hence the second easiest tile in PUBG Mobile lite. There is one single requirement, you must reach the Platinum tier or above to receive the task.

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