PUBG Mobile Lite : New 0.16.0 Update

Tencent’s PUBG Lite is an alternate version of PUBG mobile released for low-end android and iOS devices. PUBG Lite allow players to experience the same gameplay as that of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Lite recently received a new 0.16.0 update with additional new features and minor bug fixes. The update is titled as Varenga in Bloom. As the name says the visuals of the game is improved,Cherry Blossom trees and spring festival themes are added in-game menu.

Various changes are made – improvement in gameplay mechanics and smooth control. Weapon stats are improved, flare gun is a possible loot in Picnic Baskets under Cherry Blossom trees now. So don’t miss the chance.

Other updates in new 0.16.0 are players can now easily switch to other weapons while reloading the primary one. New language support for Hindi, Arabic, French, and Spanish are included.

Varenga in Bloom map will have a shelter full of resources and area covered in cherry blossom trees probably in the Northern area. Previous rank season errors are fixed now.

The character UI has a new look in 0.16.0 update. You can also find a new battle royal mode inspired from PlayLab and classic mode available to play in game. This update also include New markers and new map selection menu.

Do you guys play PUBG Lite? Let us know in the comment section whether you like it or no.

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