PUBG Mobile LITE New 0.18.0 Update Features

PUBG Mobil Lite is about to receive a new 0.18.0 update soon. As usual 0.18.0 brings us various aspects of PUBG Mobile in Lite including new weapons, Mode and many more. PUBG Mobile Lite is an alternate version of Pubg mobile by Tencent released for low-end devices. The Game has successfully attracted lots of players and Tencent’s frequent updates in PUBG Lite make it more interesting to play and Enjoy.

Developers are trying their best to deliver more gaming experience on LITE. New features of upcoming 0.18.0 update surfaced on Interne, has some interesting content to look forward to.

New TDM Mode

PUBG Mobile Lite adds new TDM mode called as Assault: The Ruins. it’s the second TDM map of PUBGM Lite. map is smaller and will have same feature as that of PUBG Mobile. Lite players are looking forward to this new mode.

New Movement

PUBG Mobile lite is adding new ‘slide’ movement in TDM. Players can finally slide in a match to slide, players just need to sprint in any direction then press crouch. Slide movement is already available in PUBG mobile and finally launching for PUBGM Lite.

New Gun

Lite receives two new PUBG mobile guns in 0.18.0 update. Two new SMGs P90 and the MPK5 are added. Both fires 9mm of bullets and can be easily found on map. These two weapons can also prove lethal, sometimes during combats.

You can’t heal while moving

PUBG Mobile Lite player can’t heal anymore while moving from next 0.18.0 update. developers wanted to raise the difficulty of game and hence decided to pull out this feature from the game. After the next update you can not just run away while healing during the combats, it will be much difficult now.

What do you think about new 0.18.0 update?

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