PUBG Mobile Lite Season 19 Conqueror Tier Tips & Tricks

It’s time to team up with your mates to rank up. PUBG Mobile Lite Season 19 is live now and previous season ranks have been reset. 

PUBG Mobile Lite is an alternative of popular battle royale PUBG mobile for low-end devices. The game later released on Mobile devices has quickly made its way to top with an enormous player base. PUBG Mobile Lite is a successful alternative and potentially features almost all the elements of PUBG mobile in-game.

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PUBG Mobile Lite also have rank tier and level XP system like other BR mobile games. PUBG mobile lite also offers a reward to players who reach a new level in-game. If you’re a PUBG mobile lite player and want to reach a Crown Tier quickly, here are few tips.

Controls and settings

Controls and settings are very essential. You have to learn about your gameplay style and set your layout accordingly which benefits your gameplay style and skills. The layout should be comfortable according to your needs, meaning you can hold your device easily and play the game without any interruption.


Avoid hot drops and land near the compact building or at drops that have decent loots. Hot drop can result in a quick death and great point reduction. Avoid fights in-game that indirectly places you in a good position. You should be able to maintain your kill ration while avoiding fights if you want to reach Conqueror Tier quickly.

Weapon selection

Weapon selection is an important thing in PUBG Mobile lite. Choose a proper set of weapons that will help you during the match. Long-range and short-range guns are useful during the early stages of the match. You can switch to both ARs in the end.


Training is the most common and essential tip to Rank Push quickly. You should also improve your gameplay style and skills while enjoying the game if aiming for a high tier. Practice and train your reflexes, recoil control parallelly also learning about the in-game mechanisms.

Use vehicle

Once you have completed your loot, find the vehicle for you to move quickly from one point to another. Walking barefoot can expose you to enemies and you may end up as a crate soon. Vehicles help you to reach in the zone as quickly as possible. 

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