PUBG Mobile Lite Tournament: Registration Begins

PUBG Mobile Lite is an alternate version of PUBG mobile for players having low-end devices. Developers are trying their best to provide better PUBG mobile gaming experience on mobile devices. They are pushing it further and finally announced an official PUBG Mobile Lite Tournament called “Battle of Champions”. The announcement made on PUBG Mobile Lite Facebook page claims the prize pool to be of 50,000INR. Registration has started and official date of the tournament will revealed soon.

How to Register?

There are only 600 slots available for PUBGM Lite players to registers. You have to be quick and meet specific requirements provided by developers to maintain the difficulty and spice of game. Your clan must meet certain requirements to register in this tournament. Check the following requirements below:

  • You clan must be level 35+
  • The participants  must be in Platinum+ tier in the current rank season

Check this Google Form to Sign Up

Set of Rules and regulations were also announced alongside the tournament. All the players must follow and adhere to rules and regulations mentioned below:

Rules and Regulations

Participant or player who tries to violate rules and regulations of tournament will be disqualified directly.

Check the Scoring system for Tournament

  • First Place = 23 Points 
  • Second Place = 18 Points 
  • Third Place = 16 Points 
  • Fourth Place = 14 Points 
  • Fifth Place = 12 Points 
  • Sixth Place = 10 Points 
  • Seventh Place = 9 Points 
  • Eighth Place = 7 Points 
  • Ninth Place = 6 Points 
  • Tenth Place = 5 Points 
  • Eleventh Place = 4 Points 
  • Twelfth Place = 3 Points 
  • Thirteenth Place = 2 Points 
  • Fourteenth Place = 1 Points 
  • Fifteenth Place = 0 Points 
  • 1 kill = 1 Point

Stay Tuned for further more details of Tournament. Release date will be revealed once the registration ends.

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