PUBG Mobile: M762 Beryl vs UZI | Find out best Close Combat Weapon

Weapons of PUBG Mobile is always been a part of discussions. PUBG Mobile is primarily known for its excellent weapons in-game. PUBG mobile has improved a lot whether it’s weapons, map or features. Daily millions of player battle on PUBG mobile battleground for chicken dinner. And, players do need a good powerful weapon when it comes to close-range fight.

Today, we’ll compare the two fastest and powerful close combat weapons in PUBG Mobile-UZi & M762 beryl. Both possess a high fire rate and lethal in close range. But, what is best in close combat, UZI? or M762? let’s find out.

M762 Beryl vs UZI

UZI is the powerful SMG in PUBG mobile that can save you on various occasions. While M762 is also destructive and the short-range devil. Both weapons are lethal with a high firing rate. UZI & M762 belongs to different categories in PUBG Mobile but serve as a powerful weapon in close combat.


Both these deadly weapons deal substantial damage, but M762(46) dominates UZI(26) in power comparison.

Also, there’s a catch, despite having the less base damage high fire rate of UZI makes up for it. UZI can shoot 21 bullets/second while M762 can shoot only 11 bullets/second. Hence, UZI has a higher damage per second which is 546 while M762 has 506. UZI takes the point here.


Comparatively, UZI is much stable than M762. has better stability, less recoil with higher damage. Players can completely depend on the accuracy of UZI to shoot down enemies properly in close combat, even beginners.

Ammo Capacity & Reload Duration

M762 need 2.8s to reload 30 bullets and 3s with an extended mag. while UZI has a faster reloading speed that can be a big advantage in close combat. UZI can shoot the whole extended mag of 35 bullets in around 2 seconds. 

Looking at all the stats above, it is clear that M762 is the deadliest weapon, But, UZI proves much helpful in close combat because of the high fire rate and reload speed.

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