PUBG Mobile: M762 vs M416

PUBG Mobile has created a benchmark. Daily millions of player battle on PUBG mobile for chicken dinner. We’re back with our new PUBG mobile comparison articles. Today we will be comparing two of the most powerful AR guns in PUBG Mobile M416 vs M762. M762 being introduced late in PUBGM, it has won the hearts of many players being the most preferred gun over other Assault Rifles.

M416 vs M762 Which one is Best? We will compare both the gun and figure out the best odd one out.

M762 vs M416


M416 need more attachments as compared to M762. When it comes to attachments M416 is versatile, have 5 rooms for it–Scope, Mag, Stock, Muzzle and Foregrip. M762 have 4 rooms for attachments -Scope, Mag, Foregrip and muzzle. M416 wins in comparison.


When it comes to power, Both these deadly weapons deal a substantial damage M416-41 and M762-46. M762 proves very much helpful in close combat than M416 because of power, but there’re other aspects too. Well, M762 dominates M416 in power comparison.

Reload Time:

M762 requires 2.8s to reload 30 bullets and 1.9s to reload with proper attachments. Reload time of M416 without quickdraw mag is 2.100s. igher reload time can prove troublesome in close fights in front of your enemies. With proper attachments M416 reload times is 1.3s and M762 has reload time of 1.9s. M416 takes the crown here.


M762 has the highest single-shot damage with a range of 60 as it uses 7.62mm ammunition while M416 have a decent range of 56. M762 wins over M416 in range.

Firing Speed:

M416 is preferred by many due to higher Firing rate 75. But, M762 has 80 far greater than M416 and deals more damage per bullet. M762 dominates M416 in firing speed.

Recoil Control:

More the attachments, more the stability and recoil control. M416 has large room for attachments that make vertical and horizontal recoil control easy. M416 heavily relies upon the proper attachments. M762 recoil control is very hard because of extreme horizontal and vertical recoil. Even proper attachments controlling M762 is though.

M416– 3 points

M762– 3points

As compare to stats it’s quite difficult to figure out which one is better. But i have used M$16 and M762 both and they have their own pros and cons. Who takes the crown here? let the vote decide who? Comment down below is it M762 or M416.

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