PUBG Mobile: Mini 14 vs SKS Best DMR?

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is the most popular battle royale game currently in the gaming world. Millions of players play PUBG Mobile daily. Weapons are the primary reasons that attract gamers on PUBG Mobile. Using a gun in PUBG Mobile requires skills, knowledge and practice.

PUBG Mobile has every kind of weapons from long-range guns to short range, including pistols and melee weapons. Today we will discuss about two powerful DMRs in PUBG Mobile -Mini14 vs SKS

Mini14 vs SKS


Mini14 can equip all AR attachments like compensators, suppressors, scopes (till 8X), grips and extended mags. Mini has a room for 3 attachments. SKS also uses the same attachments as in mini having the capacity of 3 attachments. Both the weapons tie in terms of attachments.


Mini14 is useful in short-range combats with Power of 46 carries 20 round mags. Whereas, SKS  is the most lethal DMR for long range combat but fires only 10 rounds of bullets. SKS has power of 52 per bullet which is significantly higher than Mini14. 2 SKS headshots can knock out players with level 2 helmets. SKS wins in power.


Mini14 fires 5.56 mm rounds used in ARs like the M416 and Scar L and can effectively destroy a level 2 helmet in two close-range shots. Mini14 has a range of 63 while SKS has 64 slightly higher than Mini14 because of 7.62mm bullets, but SKS power gives it upper hand during combat.

Firing Speed:

Firing rate of MINi14(43) is significantly higher than SKS (32). Slower Firing rate may slow down your combat skills during the fight/ Mini14 takes the point here in case of Firing rate.


In terms of stability, Mini14 60 has the highest stability as compared to SKS 44. hence, Mini14 is mostly preferred by PUBG Mobile players than SKS. Although SKS has a lot of potential because of power.

Mini14- 4points

SKS- 3points

If we compare both the weapons based on statistics- Mini14 definitely takes the crown here. SKS is a great weapon to use beside MIni14. However, the stability and rate of fire provides an upper hand to Mini14. Both the DMRs are powerful in combat only if you master them. Yeah, you can still go for SKS over Mini14 if you like it.

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