PUBG Mobile Miramar: Flare Gun Locations

PUBG mobile battle royale has become a phenomenon with an enormous player base globally. It has grown alot since the release. Tencent’s frequent updates to deliver better mobile game experience to players have made PUBG mobile the best battle royale game on Android and iOS devices.

Flare Gun

Flare Gun is PUBG mobile plays a significant role in the game, it’s used to call-in a special supply-crate air drop, that brings level 3 helmet, a bag, and a vest when the player uses it inside the play zone. This air drop also holds powerful, rare weapons. Finding flare guns in PUBG mobile has never been an effortless task as it’s randomly spawned across various locations on the map. 

In this article we’ll focus on the Top 5 flare gun locations in Miramar.


PUBG Mobile has 4 classic maps, and Miramar is the largest map in PUBG mobile. Miramar’s deserted land of PUBG mobile has its own significance and impact. Various additional features like Golden Mirado, vending machines and many others are centres of attraction in Miramar. From Map, weapons to graphics, every element of Miramar is amazing. 

Top 5 Flare Gun Locations

Hacienda Del Patron

Hacienda Del Patron is most famous location on Miramar where Golden Mirado is spawned. Despite from that, this location has a decent loot and high probability of flare gum. This location provides you enough compounds for better close combats.  You can expect at least 4-5 squad here.


Pecado on Miramar provides us rich loot and a flare gun. By looking at the size of city the amount of loot available is high. It is considered among the top hot drop location of Miramar. The boxing ring and the casino here attract many players. You can expect 3 squads here.


Prison is the most underrated location on Miramar as it is located at southernmost point of the map. Getting back to playzone might be difficult and hence avoided. This location have the flare loot possibility if you’re looking for one. Prison has plenty of loot and consist of small bricks, buildings etc.


Graveyard stands among the top flare gun location, even though it doesn’t cover much ground. It attracts most likely solo and duo players and lack in loots. Still the chances of finding flare gun in the graveyard is high as compared to others.


Last but not the least Impala is another spot for finding flare gun in Miramar. Impala has enough loot for an entire squad and comprises houses, churches, and several compounds, densely packed.

What your favourite location on Miramar?

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